Janet Banerjee

Sound Effects

Custom Crafted Sound Effects

Carefully recorded audio using professional microphones gives me the most realistic sounds and allows me the best possible base. Using Sonar, I manipulate the audio for the proper levels so no sound is unnecessarily louder or softer than another. For non-realistic sounds, I use Sonar to manipulate real life sounds into something jumping right out of your imagination.

Adding those finishing touches to your world.

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Below are samples of my Sound Effects. These pieces are not for sale, all pieces are custom created.

Sound effects included: 1. Power down 2. Vortex 3. Sword hit 4. Poison damage 5. Fire Beam 6. Button Selection unavailable 7. Button Select 8. Block

Sound effects included: 1. Water infused punch 2. Electric infused punch 3. Trent death 4. Coin dropping into a coin purse 5. Burning fuse 6. Medium sized water splash

Sound effects included: 1. energy drain on a chained prisoner 2. inside a moving subway 3. Atop a barren mountain